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they are optometrists.
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on may 22nd, the residents of joplin, missouri suffered the nation's deadliest tornado in 60 years. now is our time to answer the call. i'm jamie mcmurray. join me in support of my hometown, joplin, missouri during this tragedy. you can support by giving to the convoy of hope at their website,@ or by texting the word convoy to 50555. make a difference. people are counting on our help. thank you. and god bless.
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>> bret: in america's news headquarters tonight, first sign of serious republican infighting. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is struggling for attention in some states. support and some dollars. so he is going after a candidate that seems to be getting all of those things. here is carl cameron. >> the first g.o.p. fistfight of 2012. no mr. nice guy for tim pawlenty. he is going after fellow minnesotaen michele bachmann. the feisty three-term congresswoman is firing back. >> it's not a stretch to say we need somebody in the oval office who will be president of the united states and commanderrer in chief with executive experience leading a latch enterprise in public -- charger is prize in public experience. she didn't have that.
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>> tim pawlenty has been left in dust by bachmann surge in the polls. they fired back at iowa campaign stop videoed by her campaign, all by dissing tim pawlenty by name as obama clone. >> experience is one thing but not if it points to a promise of more of the same big government as usual. not if it promises more of the same as banner under different party. >> that's the counter of a one-two punch. reminding voters that tim pawlenty backed positions that she fought and pawlenty threw the first punch in the fight. "instead of negativity, i want to focus on my accomplishm. i fought cap-and-trade agenda rather than implement it. i stood up against the bail-out rather than defend it." bachmann was responding to the
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weekend assault by pawlenty of lack of experience in the legislative branch. not withstanding the fact as minnesota governor he backed heifer for congress. >> i have executive leadership in a public setting, record of coy lampishment and result in difficult and challenging circumstances. she served in congress in that regard her record of accomplishment is nonexistent. >> three others near decisions to run or not. rick perry is personally calling to gain support in new hampshire and iowa. and being briefed on national and world affairs. sarah palin is on the cover of "newsweek" predicting she can win. no timetable on decision yet. after one last trip to new hampshire this week, rudy giuliani plans to announce his decision in a few days. bret? >> bret: the field could expand. on governor perry, where it heading now? are they close to decision? we heard there would be
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meetings about money. >> by the governor's timetable he is within a few weeks of decision because he wants to make up his mind. the gor of texas has had senior former defense department officials coming down to brief him on various issues. international experts from high level of experience talking about trade. all signs that suggest he is gearing up to run. we will find out in the next couple of weeks. >> bret: sounds like it. carl, thank you. still ahead the fight over collective bargaining for public employees still is not over in wisconsin. up next, a family's pain over operation fast and furious.
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>> bret: a particular bloody weekend south of the border. the mexican government official says 40 people were killed in gang violence during the 24-hour span. at least 20 were gunned down at a bar in northern city of monterey. 11 bodies were discovered on the outskirts of mexico city. ten were found in huroron. new fall-out from the federal law enforcement operation that resulted in guns getting in the hands of criminals. correspondent william la jeunesse reports a victim's family wants someone to pay. >> our number one goal is to pursue prosecution. >> the family of ryan is seeking justice. the border patrol agent was killed in december patrolling an area near tucson. officials traced the gun down to the crime scene to operation fast and furious.
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>> i have never seen an investigation in which guns were intentionally allowed to walk. that sort of thing doesn't happen, ought not to happen. >> paul charlton was arizona's official for 20 years and says the government officials can't be sued for damages typically. even after the botched raid at the branch davidian cult in waco, texas, appeals court said the federal government wasn't liable there are exceptions when agencies can reasonably foresee the actions will do harm, courts sided with victims. >> ryan terry's loss was preventable. regrettable and preventable. >> they knowingly allowed dug cartel to buy and transport guns allegedly used to kilterry and dozens of others in mexico. >> i'm flabbergasted. i didn't believe it at first. >> they won't want them
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prosecuted criminally in the death. but court is something else. >> if the evidence shows that the death was proximately caused by the negligence of the government, then there may be a cause of action. >> the lawsuit could be months away. however we learned today that the mexican congress plans to hold hearing in operation fast and furious later this month. that would put pressure on obama and the felipe calderon administration to document the shootings tied to the fast and furious guns and could lead to additional claims against the u.s. government. >> bret: we will stay on the story. thank you. obama administration officials say the high profile gun violence in the u.s. has the administration working on some response, sparking criticism from the national rifle association and others. correspondent shannon bream tells us there are right now huge specifics. >> it's been more than six months since the arizona shooting that left six dead and congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords critically injured in the weeks after the tragedy, president obama vowed to take steps to make it tougher for individuals like accused tucson gunman art laffe -- jaredloughner to get f. there are over 60mayors head by michael bloomberg who warns that washington must act before there is another massacre. dennis hennigan of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence agrees. >> every day that passes without action we unnecessarily lose innocent lives. i want the president to understand that. i want the congress to understand that. i want them to understand the american people are calling out for action. >> it's expected that the president will soon take some type of "executive action" with regard to gun laws but no details have been offered. gun right advocates are wary. >> it is important to note this. the president is the commander and chief of the armed forces. not the commander of the american people. he does not get to dictate what the law is.
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>> in march, the president penned a piece to the at "arizona daily star" rewards for state to do the best job of providing crucial information for data base use for background check and making the data base quicker and more efficient. he has also asked the department of justice to delve in the issue. the president directed the attorney general to have orders to have common sense measures to respect the second amendment rights. gun right community will look carefully at the obama administration proposals and anything that interferes with the second amendment right is enforced today by the court will be tested. >> unrelated with what the white house is planning, today the justice department announced a new policy to announce gun dealers in four southern border states to report multiple sales of certain automatic weapons to same buyer in a five-day span in washington, shannon bream, fox news.
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>> bret: a former administration official is biting the hand that once fed her. we will tell you about it next in the grapevine. reaction to president obama's message to congress about eating its vegetables. you go next if you had a
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from the political grapevine. former white house communications director anita dun strongly advocated for the healthcare overhaul that included of course scores of new regulation. however, now she is at odds with first lady michelle obama's childhood obesity initiative. the "washington post" reports dunn now works on behalf of the food and advertising industry, managing a campaign against the administration's efforts to create voluntary nutritional guidelines for foods marketed to children. mrs. obama urged food manufacturers and retailers to curb marketing unhealthy food to kids. peas are a very healthy food. though not always a favorite, of course. president obama today urged budget negotiators to make the difficult choices necessary in the midst of the debt ceiling debate and, "eat our peas." so naturally pea growers are reacting. the drive pea and lentil council didn't interpret remarks negatively but said if peas were served more in the
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white house and in congress, "it will contribute a balanced diet if not a balanced budget." finally, house budget committee chairman paul ryan was beraided by a college professor for $150 bottles a piece of wine. it happened in dinner with two companions at upscale restaurant. ryan said the professor was possibly drunk, that his companions ordered the the bottle and he only had one glass of wine. pointed out we all have the right to eat dinner without being annoyed by some other patron of the same upscale restaurant who thinks we're spending too much on dinner." ryan said that president obama served a pricier bottle of wine in a tax state dinner that . presumably paid for by ryan pay the bill her face expensive wine -- bill for his
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expensive wine. there is a bargaining law for public workers turned to a series of recall efforts. mike tobin has the story from madison. >> yesterday, we were in -- >> reporter: wisconsin state senator alberta darling in the final day of campaigning, one of six republicans facing recall. if three of them lose, the balance of power could shift in the wisconsin state house. >> i am getting recalled because i am doing what i said i would do. which was get control of taxes and spending and deficits. >> three democratic state senators are also facing recall in a race that has little to do with the candidates. everything to do with the bitter partisan divide in wisconsin over scott walker's limit on union collective bargaining power. the money rolls in. national labor organization are supporting democrats. pouring money through a union coalition. calling itself "we are wisconsin." national republicans are raising money through similar organization called "wisconsin
4:34 am
club for growth." a contentious issue this recall. the republican party use of protest or fake candidates. republicans running as democrats, forcing a primary to delay the vote. >> by forcing this fraudulent primary we're having tomorrow, we are spending additional six figures of the taxpayer money that would not be spent otherwise. >> republicans admit it's a delay tactic, one they needed so soon after the contentious budget vote. >> if there weren't primaries this the races the republican senators would have had to face elections days after voting on state budget, giving them no time to campaign. >> darling's democratic opponent state senator posh says it creates more time for partisanship and bitter politics to wear on the wisconsin voters. >> i don't know if the republican party thought about this but it made a lot of people angry. people who might otherwise vote republican are now so fed up with what is going on. >> the primary for challengers to the republican seat is
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tomorrow. the three democratically held seat aren't up for a week but the final vote to determine if republicans or democrat hold majority in the wisconsin state senate, they are not cast until august. bret? >> mike tobin live in madison. we have update tomorrow. thank you, mike. minnesota's government shutdown entered a second week. no new talks scheduled between the democratic governor and the republican laks. the stalemate idled 22,000 state employees, closed 66 parks and halted 100 road projects. at issue is how to deal with a $5 billion state budget deficit. the house of representatives in washington begun debate on legislation to cancel a plan phase-out of certain incandescent lightbulbs. i would allow consumer to use the old style glass and metal bulbs. a vote is expected tuesday.
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employees of tabloid "news of the world" reportedly hacked in the phone of the powerful figures including royals and former prime minister gordon brown. british media reports some royal protection officers sold personal details about queen elizabeth ii to workers at the paper. the "news of the world" published the final edition sunday. it's owned by the parent company of the network. the company has acknowledged the allegations and asked for information to help its own investigation. we'll talk about the ongoing debt showdown and the president's news conference about it today when the fox all-star join me after the wreak. @@
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it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band aid. eat our peas. now is the time to do it.
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>> there was never ever any agreement to allow tax rates to go up. in any discussion i've ever had with the white house. not once. >> the president today repeating that he still wants a big deal. meeting again this afternoon at the white house with both sides, speaker boehner saying tax increases nonstarter. for his caucus. just can't get through. meantime, there is word that to reach a grand debt deal, sources say president obama offered to raise the medicare eligibility rate from 65 to 67. late today, house minority leader nancy pelosi said this. "we continue to oppose benefit cut, social security and medicare" the pillars of the economic and health security should not be used as piggy bank to subsidize tax cuts for the wealthy. we have steve hayes, juan williams, and charles krauthammer, the panel. charles, start with you. first, the tone and tenor of the president's news
4:41 am
conference, you have written about this. about the chances he has had to address this big issue up until now. what were your thoughts about it? >> look, he adopts the position of being the olympian observer of all of this, above all the squabbling. everyone else plays politics. but he acts in the national interest. he says, you know, if not now, when? all of a sudden he has decided you have to have a big deal, not a small deal. for months he insisted we have no deal. for months he insist we have a debt ceiling increase with no cuts at all. now all of a sudden, only a big deal. if not now, when? how about in february when hes president submitted a budget that increased the deficit. all of a sudden he is a man who wants to be the one to cut the deficit and the debt. it's a farce. you see it in the threat he made where he said i will not sign short-term extension. let's say we are in negotiations and we are approaching and we want
4:42 am
something real like tax reform which takes a few months. and republicans pass a tax reform, pass a debt ceiling increase for say three months. allow negotiations. he says he will veto it because he is acting in the national interest, has to be a big deal. i think the republicans all to call the bluff on this. there is no way which if the house approved a three-month extension with cuts commensurate relatively small cuts, that the senate will oppose it this and the president will veto it, because then he gets the blame for the catastrophe that he and geithner have been protecting. >> bret: juan, what about that? if the deal does not work out and both sides stick to their points and the house moves forward a short-term deal that the president says he is not going to sign, it doesn't get past the senate. even if it does, it gets stoped at the white house. then is it in white house political court dealing with the crisis? >> no. it will come across as a
4:43 am
prank, as basically a ploy by republicans to try to save face and cover for the fact that they have blocked what everyone sees is a deal that really met the needs, the demands of republicans up front. >> bret: do you believe there was a deal of saturday before john boehner. >> i don't think there was a deal. but they were closer. boehner is much more about let's get something done. let's say that we, divided government, democrat in the presidency were able to achieve something. john boehner really believed that and wanted that to happen. i don't think it's the case for eric cantor who is challenging john boehner's leadership. when i listen to charles, i think, you know, republicans get off on pesters president obama. president obama is not perfect. but the idea to go back months and say president obama should have done it months ago. wait a minute, he has concedeed on everything from entitlement reform, which is what republicans said they want to spending cuts, and yet
4:44 am
republicans say no, we can't have a deal. he made it bigger than republicans thought was possible. >> he concedeed a time of reform? >> he was talking about social security. he is talking about medicare. >> what is he going to do on social security? >> he was talking about raising the age, raising the age to qualify. >> right. he talks about it in public and he said he wants to do it. >> no. >> negotiations. >> he has never said. >> charles, i don't know what you want? you want us to negotiate on fox news? >> he told us the tax increases he wants. he told us what he wants republicans to do on taxes. he has never once stated a cut, structural change in entitlement. he had an hour of the press conference in which he could do it and we got is a leak and now we are implying that he might do "x." how about doing one statement in public? >> the suggestion is that this is all kabuki theater. >> that's right.
4:45 am
if the president wanted to give anything specific, he could have done it in public and suggests to me he is not serious about it. it polls well when you say you want to get serious about entitlement, people say i like that. if you say i want to get serious about debt and spending, they say i like that. but it's when you offer specific like paul ryan did, in the budget, which was passed by the house republicans that you run into potential political peril. the president is totally unwilling to do that. he is in favor of general vague entitlement reform. not in favor of anything specific in any way to be held accountable for there was an important moment today in the press conference when he is talking about his unwillingness to assign something that was shorter, something 60 days or 90 days. think about that. think about what that means in terms of the president's position now. he has warned if we don't have a deal, the united states faces economic catastrophe, ruin, off the precipice.
4:46 am
he doesn't want to sign an arbitrary time limit. why this because he doesn't want to or he thinks it's not good for country? it's better if for the country to go to default and see consequences that tim geithner laid out in the last several months? how serious is the president. >> you aresying kick the can down the road one more time. and if you don't. >> i'm not arguing for. that. i'm saying as a measure of what the president thinks, the republicans don't go to his arbitrary timetable, which i don't think he would, he is willing to take the country off the cliff. >> this is a president that kicked the can for two years. all of a sudden has to decide it has to be long-term. you know what his deaf six of long-term is? the day after election day. anything shorter is short-term because it would hurt him politically. this has nothing to do with. >> one last thing. i know you're in a rush to go. >> we have another panel on this. >> okay. >> bret: you know what?
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i'll tease it. tease the one last point. >> nobody is turning. >> nobody is turning. >> bret: stay here also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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>> bret: a look at the white house tonight. we left you with the debt panel and juan's point. a cliff-hanger here. so we'll start with steve. no, i'm just kidding. [ laughter ] >> two things i wanted to say. basically what you're saying if the g.o.p. -- he should take a short-term deal, take it on the g.o.p. terms and then that is the need because of the need to raise the debt ceiling. if he doesn't take that thing, he is irresponsible. the second thing to say john boehner came out and said tax increases were never on the table. that's what the speaker said.
4:51 am
what we were talking about is closing loopholes, ending some of the deductions and likewise for the big oil companies and the hedge fund making billions on wall street, even in the midst of an economic difficulty. if there is no tax increases, there are cuts to entitle. and there is cuts in terms of the spending. what is it that republicans want? >> bret: the democrats wouldn't agree to anything on entitlements, period. a big pushback from the left. the administration can only put the deal together if it's altogether in one big deal. >> correct, but you don't know what they would do in terms of the president putting pressure on them. i don't believe the democrats would abandon the president on this deal. >> bret: steve, politically, there is a vulnerability for republicans. if you get down the road and letter goes out and you believe michele bachmann and jim demint and it's not as serious an eco:nomics catastrophe as many believe it is going be, but still, the letter goes out to retirees and the veterans about
4:52 am
benefits. that is politically a dangerous situation. once they get there, tough for republicans to tow the line. >> i think most people believe that it would be serious to default. very few people are saying it wouldn't be serious to default. but the question is how much time do we have? what happens if you sequence it? the republicans have the view that august 2 is arbitrary date, that tim geithner came out, the fourth one this year. the house republicans, this is playing a role in the way that boehner shanding the ku cuss don't believe what -- caucus don't believe that tim geithner has been saying. it's serious and they're going forward with their own plan to include the big cuts, include structural reforms to entitl entitlement, spending cap and not tax increases. >> bret: even on that, they will have a hard time getting all the votes together. >> it depends how big is it.
4:53 am
i heard from a member of congress today who said he is not talking to many people in the house republican caucus enthusiastic about something that cuts $2.5 trillion and doesn't have tax increase. >> bret: i want to ask about entitlement. we had a quote up from nancy pelosi and her stance today. this is the president talking about medicare and the president last year talking about medicare. >> if you look at the numbers, then medicare in particular will run out of money. we will not be able to sustain that program. no matter how much taxes go up. it's not an option for us to just sit by and do nothing. >> the steps we took this year to reform the healthcare system have put medicare on a sounder financial footing. reform is actually added at least a dozen years to the solvency of medicare. the single longest extense in
4:54 am
history -- extension in history helping to preserve medicare for generations to come. >> bret: a different-sounding perception on medicare. >> you heard of situational ethics. this is situational truth. obama will say what he needs to say at the time he says it to advance the political agenda as with the individual mandate. remember when he needed it to pass to pass in house and senate, he said this is not a tax. now on the court of the constitutionality of it, the administration position is of course it's a tax. let me say when juan ended the segment saying he wanted to make one last point, i thought you were going to make it and then announce your retirement. i was going to talk you out of it. never say the last point. let me say one thing. the most stunning state in the the hour was obama said and insisting on a tax hike for the rich. he said i will not accept a deal in which i am allow to keep hundreds of thousands of
4:55 am
dollars in additional income i don't need. allowed to keep? is this his conception of what taxation is? the liberal idea that the government owns you and your income and will decide in the wisdom what it allowous to keep. after deciding what you need, what you are entitled to. the american position is the government taxes you according to what it needs to function. we secure the rights in government. that is the function. not to decide what you did. this is a gaffe that republicans ought to play again and again. who owns your income? >> bret: down the row, big deal, medium deal, short-term deal? >> short-term deal. >> no deal. they are running toward the cliff. the hope is somebody backs out of the game of chicken. >> sloppy medium deal but after the white house extracts the pain. >> bret: that's it for the
4:56 am
panel. stave tuned to see it all comes down to families.
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we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. >> bret: finally tonight, something non-debt related, tax related or entitlement related. there are obviously a lot of differences between mom and dad. but this video, well, it's perfect. ♪ >> first up is mom. now, here is mom and baby. look at that. sleeping. awe. mom and baby sleeping. now here is dad and baby sleeping. all right? [ laughter ] [snoring] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report,"

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